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Essay #8 Discuss the changes in the racial demographics in Los Angeles that the 1965 Hart Cellar Act led to. Make sure you discuss the specifics of the Act, population changes, and how they are linked to race and race making. I. Thesis: Although the 1965 bill was intended only to end discrimination, there was a major major increase in immigration and a change in the source countries of immigrants that ultimately led to race making. II. Hart-Cellar Act 1965 a. Abolished the national origins quota system (originally established in 1921 and most recently modified in 1952), while attempting to keep immigration to a manageable level. b. Limited the number of immigrants influx to only 300,000 visas annually (Set quotas of immigrants) i. Limited the Eastern Hemisphere countries to 170,000 with no more than 20,000 per country ii. Annual limitation for the Western Hemisphere was set to 120,000 immigrants with no “national limitations” 1. Visas available on a first come first serve basis 2. Visas were available on the type of employment you sought iii. Non-quota immigrants and immediate relatives (i.e., spouses, minor children, and parents of U.S. citizens over the age of 21) were not to be counted as part of either the hemispheric or country ceiling. c. Family reunification became the cornerstone of U.S. immigration policy. d.
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AMST_Final_Eassy_Question_1 - Essay#8 Discuss the changes...

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