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USC_AMST_101_FINAL_STUDY GUIDE_1 - Immigrant act also...

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1. Hart Cellar Immigration Act (1965): Saito p. 18,21 Allowed migration from Asia in favor of highly skilled professionals, and the family unification provisions that gave the opportunity to bring relatives to the US who might otherwise have been ineligible under the occupational preference category because of lower levels of education and job skills. Example- Indians recruited in software companies US wanted to bring in professional workers and their family members from Asia. From 1965-2010 LA went from being a relatively overwhelmingly white and native American population to an immigrant diverse city. Gave occupational categories priority. WORKERS Also allowed migration from Mexico and other Latin American countries which provided cheap labor source. Both Asian and Latin American migration helped reindustrialization in manufacturing terms which boosted growth of Los Angeles economy
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Unformatted text preview: Immigrant act also allowed large number of immigrant women to migrate. 2. Transnational Motherhood : Transnational motherhood occurs when families are spread literally across national borders with parents in one country and the children in another country. Because of an inability to feed their children, many of these single mothers leave their children with relatives and friends while they go to the other country to earn money to send back home to their children. Most common in Mexican mothers coming to US. The transnational mothers typically hold domestic jobs such as live-in or daytime nannies and housecleaners. The mothers will live like this for years until she either returns home for the child after earning enough or she invites her child to US. Related term-Live-In Nanny/Housekeeper 5.Prep. 13...
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