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33. RAMP/English Only Movement RAMP stands for the Residents Association of Monterey Park, formed by the residents of his primarily Asian-immigrant and Asian American neighborhood. The English Only Movement and English Only Laws were enforced in Monterey Park to prohibit Asian-American storeowners from putting up signs in their native languages. Barry Hatch was the mayor of MP at the time and was anti-immigrant and thought that immigrants should be trying to Americanize. On one hand, the rest of society was grateful to the new Asian American stores and businesses because they created jobs and stimulated the economy. But on the other hand, the immigrants were “infiltrating” society with their different culture and language. It raised two important questions: what responsibility do immigrants have to fit into a new society, and what responsibility does the original population have to accept the ways of the immigrants? This is also related to how Asian immigrants often came over with a substantial
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USC_AMST_101_FINAL_STUDY GUIDE_9 - 33. RAMP/English Only...

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