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37. Domestic work as “real work” 1. From Domestica 2. No set hours or pay 3. Sometimes it requires taking care of children- for many taking care of human beings should not require pay 4. This type of work is not controlled by big corporations or govt.- thus keeping it away from being considered “real work” 5. Part 2 6. Creates marginalization for the workers 7. Don’t have proper access to unionized in order to increase working conditions 8. Since its held in the private home most of the problems don’t become known which increases their discrimination 9. We begin to see how inequality continues to shape the city of LA 10. we see how inequality is not only shaped by gender but also by race 38. Asian Flak 1. From Race and Politics 2. 3 rd /4 th generation Asian Americans being discriminated against 3. Native born upset at how recent immigrants flaunt their wealth 4. Part 2 5. Native and immigrant Asians receive similar kinds of discrimination- not distinction between citizen and non-citizen
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Begin to see commonalities l 7. Part 2 8. Linked to the concept of identity 9. People from similar ethnic background grow resentment towards new immigrants 10. Explains the continuation of discriminating against a particular group by making all of them seem the same (i.e treating native born as new immigrants) 39. Live-In Nanny/Housekeeper 1. From Domestica book 2. Most recent Latina immigrants (from Mexico and Central America) settle in this form of job 3. These domesticas have less resources and less possibility of power 4. Get feeling of imprisonment, restricted upward mobility 5. Use it as a means to understand race and class in L.A. because it symbolizes how immigrants are racialized and taken advantage of because of citizenship status 6. This form of job has become a growing trend in suburban cities 7. Leads to privatization of jobs 8. Demonstrates the separation of the middle class...
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USC_AMST_101_FINAL_STUDY GUIDE_10 - 6. Begin to see...

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