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MAE 110A Fall 2009 HW #1 Due: Friday, Oct 2, 1150am Requirements: In all calculations, clearly and explicitly indicate units of all quantities and any unit conversions. In problems requiring 1st law (Ch 2), begin with the following general form (closed systems): Δ KE + Δ PE + Δ U = Q in + W in Q out W out In Ch 2 problems, include p V diagrams wherever applicable Text Problems: (Moran and Shapiro, 6th edition) 1.32 (also determine gas pressure in psia, psig), 1.41 2.8, 2.27 Handout Problems: H1.1 Investigate energy consumption in California, the U.S., China, and Germany. Consider: a. total energy consumption (specify in both Btu and kWh) and energy consumption per capita b. breakdown by sector (i.e., industrial, transportation, residential, and commercial) c. breakdown by source (i.e., coal, natural gas, nuclear, renewable, etc) Write a short paragraph to summarize your findings. Include summary data tables and include
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Unformatted text preview: dates (year) of data. Cite at least 2 references. H1.2 (Ch 1) Consider a heat pump that extracts heat from a residential building’s cold water line to generate hot water for the building’s hot water system a. explain its basic operating principle b. sketch and define system and indicate all energy transfers (specify Q or W, and direction) c. Estimate whether such a system could generate enough hot water for a typical single family home assuming: incoming water temperature: 14 o C, lowest desirable cold water temperature: 4 o C, hot water use: 35 gallons/day, cold water use: 100 gallons /day (alternatively you can use actual gas and water bills for this calculation, but state source). Estimate the power consumption of device and the monthly cost of operation....
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