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HW3 - MAE 110A Fall 2009 HW#3 Due Friday am Handout Problem...

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Unformatted text preview: MAE 110A Fall 2009 HW #3 Due: Friday, Oct 16, 1100am Handout Problem: 1 (3 points) Circle the correct answer. 1. Pressure is an extensive property. a scalar. depends only on the vertical coordinate. is always uniform in a system. is tangential stress. 2. Work is a system property. depends only on state. is the same as kinetic energy. always has the same magnitude as heat. is pathdependent. 3. Internal energy is a form of macroscopic energy. is only important for open systems. is a property. is always greater than kinetic energy in magnitude. is the same as work. 2. (7 points) A closed system consisting of 5 kg of gas undergoes a process during which the relationship between pressure and volume is pv1/3 = constant. The process begins with p1 = 1 bar, v1 = 0.2 m3/kg and ends with p2 = 0.25 bar. Determine the final volume and plot the process on a graph of pressure versus specific volume. What is the work done by the system during the process? 3. (10 points) A tank is filled with 50 cm of oil (SG 0.8) overlaying 50 cm of water (SG 1.0). A pipe leads away at an angle from the bottom of the tank. If 2.13 m of the pipe is filled with water, what is the angle the pipe makes with the horizontal? 4. (5 points) Saturated liquid water at 310C undergoes an isotropic process (constant volume) to 0.35 MPa. Determine the final fluid phase and the enthalpy change. Plot Tv diagram. ...
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