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Energy Analysis Questions

Energy Analysis Questions - Mechanical Advantage(such as a...

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Energy Analysis Questions for MAE3 Robot Project (and quiz) Energy and Power Analysis are important for the beginning of the design project. This analysis will help access the feasibility of your design, an help determine which energy source to use in various parts of your robot. This is one the more important decisions in terms of robot performance! List the energy sources in your kit: List the units of in the metric system: energy, power, force, and torque? Units (mks) Where do you need it most? Guess which kit parts have the largest? Force Torque Energy Power Power Transmission such as gears, levers, and other mechanisms may provide a
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Unformatted text preview: Mechanical Advantage (such as a gear ratio). o What can Mechanical Advantage increase? o What can Mechanical Advantage NOT increase? • To determines if a desired motion will occur, is Energy and Power Analysis? o A necessary condition? o A sufficient condition? • What analysis in addition to Energy Analysis is needed to ensure that a desired motion will occur? • What type of analysis cannot be done with solely Energy and Power analysis, which is commonly done for machine design powertrains?...
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