A CRIME PUNISH - Christopher McBorrough English 100 Crime...

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Christopher McBorrough April 18 2008 English 100 Crime and Punishment There are people in this world that develop among criminals. They have the tendencies to commit crime without any remorse. They do not have the heart to prevent actions that are not necessary, and will probably end the life of an innocent person. The laws and other form of bounties try to stop these criminals by placing them behind bars. It may seem useful to lock-up criminals for their crime, but will not slow down or stop the amount of criminals that commit further crimes. Through the years of crime and punishment, jail cells became mini hotels for criminals. These cells consist of many different activities; including games, movies and regular cable television. Criminals even have different varieties of food in these prisons. They could choose to drink either juice or water, and eat either pasta or rice. “These soothing cells are not designed to make criminals regret their crime but instead relax and enjoy their punishment. Modern prisons punishment look more rational, almost clinical and same a lot more humane.” (Sabo, Dan) In some prison criminals are punished quite often, but most of the time they’re treated as though they were kids with bad tempers. The punishments of these prisons are not strict compared to the punishment in the past. In
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A CRIME PUNISH - Christopher McBorrough English 100 Crime...

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