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Christopher McBorrough Broken Child Case studies of child abuse This is a case study about the effects of drug and other abuse supplements that effects the children. The Video describe how prenatal abuse affects the children mood and attitude toward to world. The abuse includes criminal neglect, physical and sometime emotional violence. Even the child service does not know who to handle that situation. They are overwhelmed be how many abuse victims are presented to them. The Abuse renders it difficult for children to develop in the right path.
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Unformatted text preview: Most of the children in the video was traumatized by the actions of their parents and other family adult, this is going to have a huge effect on the adolescent and adult life. They might even be more abusive toward their kids, even thought they went through the same ordeal. 2/5 this video did not impose anything new to me; it was the same information that I heard already. There was not that much example to keep me in surprise and realize what is going on in this world lately....
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