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Cyberstaking2008 - Christopher McBorrough English 100 Cyber...

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Christopher McBorrough English 100 March 26, 2008 Cyber stalking In today’s communities there are internet stalkers that can easily get access to the computer. They can easily pass the boundaries of other people younger and older than them. The Internet is a wide source of information and communication for these cyber- stalkers to utilize. Meaning there are sites that allow communication with these predators. These sites are mostly internet profiles including, “MySpace, Facebook and Hi-5 and other source of communication”. (Wikipedia, Cyberstaking) Cyberstaking has increased in today’s community, because there is no possible way to know who’s on the other line of communication. Because of the dangers of using the internet, and the effect of cyberstaking, the government should regulate it more; specifically about monitoring information even if it results in some breach of privacy. The government has issued several laws and advices that restrict cyber stalking. These laws include privacy settings for the computer and an 18 and older policy to join some sites. These laws do not only prevent children from being harassed on the computer, but also insure that adults do not get sexually harassed by these predators. Some sites on the internet do not follow these laws, making stalking for these predators a lot easier. These sites show personal information to the public, information that users intend to keep secret.
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