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Exam 3: Book Sections on Exam Page #’s On Exam? Chapter 9: Cognitive Development in Early Childhood 303-306 Yes Preschoolers’ Reasoning Abilities 306 Yes Reasoning About Causation 306-308 No Reasoning About Living and Nonliving Things 308-309 No Reasoning About Quantity 309 No Concepts of Conservation 309-311 Yes A Closer Look: Conservation of Liquid Volume 310 No Concepts of Number 312 Yes Understanding the Effects of Addition and Subtraction 312-313 No Learning to Count 313-315 No Concepts of Measurement 315 No Summing Up 315 Yes Reasoning About Classes and Logical Relations 315-316 Yes Classification 316-317 Yes Seriation 317 Yes Transitive Inference 317-318 Yes Distinguishing Between Appearance and Reality 318 Yes Preschoolers’ Attention and Memory Abilities 318-319 No Deploying Attention 319-321 Yes Preschoolers’ Memory 321 No Abilities and Limitations 321-322 Yes Adult Involvement in Children’s Memory Performance 322-323 No Social Cognition 323-324 No Egocentrism in Preschoolers 324-325 Yes The Child’s Theory of Mind 325-327 No Communication and the Decline of Egocentrism 327-329 No Limited Cognitive Resources and Communication 329-330 No Applying Research Findings: School Readiness 330 Yes An Overview of Preschool Cognitive Development 331 Yes Chapter 10: Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood 335-337 No Some Hallmarks of Early Childhood Social and Emotional Development: The Child’s Expanding World 337-338 No Moving Toward Greater Self-Reliance 338-339 No Self-Control and Self-Regulation 339-340 Yes The Developing Self 340 No Changes in Self-Understanding 340-341 No Self-Constancy and Self-Representation 341 No Gender and the Self 341-342 No Changes in Sex-Typed Behavior 342 Yes Developing Gender-Role Concepts 343 No 1
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Exam 3 content - Exam 3: Book Sections on Exam Page #'s 1...

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