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Videos on Child Development Extra Credit Opportunities You may receive extra credit toward your quizzes by watching any of the following videos at the library and writing a single-spaced, one-page summary of it. You may watch up to 10 of the following videos and receive credit for each. You can earn up to 20% extra credit toward your lowest quiz grade for each video for which you turn in a summary. Your one-page summary should include three main components: 1) a summary of the material in the video, demonstrating in some way that you watched the entire video, 2) reflections on how concepts we’ve discussed or read about in class relate to content in the video, and 3) at the end, a rating from 1 (uninformative) to 5 (very informative) of how much you learned about child development from the video and a short description of how/why you gave that rating. Dr. Schultz will use these ratings in future semesters to make decisions for which videos to include or exclude. To receive credit, you must post your summary to the TurnItIn link on Blackboard by midnight of May 13th. Under Course Documents, click on the Extra Credit Videos tab. Upload your summary and discussion to the appropriate video link. Entitle the file with your name and the video name (e.g., “Cherisse Countee Violence in the Media”). Call Number Title UMDVD 2845 Theories of Development This module is an overview of theory in action. Theories include: cognitive, psychosexual,  psychosocial, behaviorist, social learning, and sociocultural. The video  explains the concept of the "whole child" and shows how theories tend to  focus on only part. Examples are given of how one theory can contradict  another. Theorists include: Piaget, Freud, Erickson, Gesell, Skinner,  Vygotsky UMDVD 2855 Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory This video incorporates footage from classical experiments, compelling newsreel materials  and recently shot vignettes from around the world to introduce Bandura’s  theories.
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Call Number Title UMDVD 1770 Learning in Context Presents recent work by developmental psychologists that emphasizes the influence of 
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Extra Credit Opportunities_1 - Videos on Child Development...

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