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Theories of Development - affected by the culture he/she is...

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Chris McBorrough Theories of Development Cognitive theorist is theorist that focuses on the mind, like Jean Piaget. He Describe stages of cognitive development. “Edward movement is random because he is intellectually incapable of moving with knowledge.” Piaget believes the stages unfold in maturation. He believes less in teaching than putting the toddlers and a rich environment and letting them explore. Sigmund Freud and Erick Erickson are other psychologist who focus on the psychoanalytic aspect of development. They focused more on the child feeling then the working, developing brain of the child, like Piaget. Arnold Gesell was also another psychologist who focused his theories on the body and physical development by maturation. Like Gesell. Skinner also examines the body of the child, but not on maturation but more in behavior and reinforcement. There is also believes that the child develop due to cultural context. The child is
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Unformatted text preview: affected by the culture he/she is placed and what role models is in that cultural that the child follows. The mean message to the video was that you can’t think about right or wrong when it comes to the theories of child development, because each have something to contribute to our understanding of children. This video contributed t o my understanding of how Genie developmental process was interrupted due to isolation and child abuse. She never got the chance to explore the world around her and did not learn how to cope with other people until she was rescue by psychologist. Everything that is applied to a regular human based on the understanding of Piaget, Skinner and Freud is not applied to her because she did not develop in that process. 3 out of 5 It illustrated the teaching and believes of various psychologist and also put their believes in actions....
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