Sampoong Collapse outline

Sampoong Collapse outline - development of the store....

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Recommendations: There are many different routes that could have been taking to avoid the collapse of the Sampoong Department store. Lee Joon should not have continue building the department store knowing that it is hazardous to the customers and the surroundings of the building. He should’ve kept the original design for the building, and listen to the advice of professional engineers that his action is dangerous. He could find another means for developing the store safely under the code of the city and his personal ethical principle. Instead of being more concern with making profit and saving money he could use what he have to work on the safety aspect of the building. The Constructors should not participate in the construction of Sampoong department store knowing that the design of the building, render it unsafe because of a weak base. Also the constant change in the development making the building more and more unstable. The Cutting of important sections of the building should be avoided in the
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Unformatted text preview: development of the store. Including: o The interior concrete o The support for the escalators o The fire shield o Air conditioning The City should appointed more official to check the building for any insufficient models, instead of the few officials that were bribed into concealing illegal and poor construction of the building. So that in the future owners like Lee Joon could not get away with such unlawful and unethical act that cause the lives of unsuspecting customers. Social Problem Social problems in this case are basically all of the actions that led to the collapse of the Sampoong Department store. From the primary development of the building, to the shut-off of the fifth and fourth floor, and the last minute evacuation of the customers in the store put society at risk. Lee Joon, the constructors and the civil engineers all contributed to the social problems of this case. , ,
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Sampoong Collapse outline - development of the store....

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