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RAISING CAIN - what they faced in America and how they...

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RAISING CAIN By Christopher McBorrough Hosted by, Michael Thompson The video is about the emotional development of American boys. (a 2-hour long video). The video explores the life of kid (boys) from the day they were born to the development in high school. This documentary illustrated real life situations, no experience or variable. The main focus was the development of their emotions and interactions with their environment. Michael Thompson interviewed each of these boys to know there personals though about their situations in the video. The Boys talked about
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Unformatted text preview: what they faced in America and how they worked around their challenges. Then Michael give lesson to parent for how they could help with their boys for the better, instead of the worst. 3/5 Personally I didn’t think this video was that good of an information source. This was a little too long which made me lose some concentration during the process of watching it. There was no new information presented during this that I learned....
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