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OBESITY - may be related to genetic factors It is complex...

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Christopher McBorrough THE SCIENCE OF OBESITY The Video shows how the environment affects the obesity rates. Because of environmental product people are becoming more obesity by the minute. The rate of Obesity is climbing as we process to the next decade. Environmental product may include unhealthy food like chips and the unhealthiest: Fast food. Also unhealthy lifestyles contribute to obesity, people need to run and exercise daily to maintain their healthiness. Scientist also finds that obesity is not only because of environmental product, it
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Unformatted text preview: may be related to genetic factors. It is complex about how genetic affect obesity but it is a source that make people born and die obese. The video also states young children are most effective by obesity. Growing with Obesity can affect their heath and growth. Scientist presented to “Colorado on the Move” program to improve obesity results, by daily activity and exercise. 3/5 The Video is more on the science aspect of obesity instead of the psychological effect on the people that are obese....
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