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Christopher McBorrough October 6, 2007 Phil 247 GILBANE GOLD The Case “The Gilbane Gold” is a national engineering ethic prepared situation to show the ethical and technical problem in the industries and other types of businesses that is interactive with human or indirectly interactive with the people. This is a made up tale by the engineering view on ethic, but it is very possible to happen in reality, so this is a simple of how industries should solve these problems if this situation happens to occur in their business. The case takes place in a small town call Gilbane. In this town the farmers use the sludge from the sewage plant as fertilization for their farms, naming the sludge “the Gilbane Gold”. The sludge has been use for many years, and is consider as a healthy source for fertilizing the plants. It must make sense that the sludge should be healthy because the sludge is used to fertilize the plants and the plants are sold the people in the Gilbane community. Also in Gilbane the revenue from selling the Gilbane gold enables the city to supplement its tax revenue, helping people save more on taxes. The town placed severe restrictions on the discharge of heavy metals into the sewage, so the sewage would be safe for use by farmers as fertilizer; this was form in order to protect the source of income in Gilbane. This restriction same to be harsher than the federal restriction and Gilbane had already marketed themselves as a city with good business climate, so the restricted were not implemented. This is where the problem of Gilbane
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gold started, when a company called Z CORP move to Gilbane for business. The company manufacture computers product that create a huge amount of toxic material, even the must important heavy metals. Monthly Z Corp dumps the heavy metals in the
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Gilbane Gold - Christopher McBorrough October 6 2007 Phil...

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