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Bluetest AB , Lindholmen Science Park, Götaverksgatan 1, SE-417 55 Gothenburg, Sweden The Bluetest reverberation chambers can be used for testing of small antennas and phones for any wireless communication standard which are designed for operation in multipath environment with Rayleigh fading, such as GSM, PDC, CDMA, WCDMA, DECT, Bluetooth, WLAN, and more. The Bluetest reverberation chambers are multipath simulators (patent pending). The unique mode stirrers, two plate stirrers, one rotating platform stirrer, and polarization stirring provide good accuracy of the measurements even in low frequency bands, such as GSM900. The new and convenient high-speed plate stirrers reduce measurement times to a minimum. The measurements in Bluetest chambers replace traditional measurements of small antennas and wireless terminals by so-called 3D pattern integration in antenna far-field or near-field ranges using anechoic chambers. Bluetest Reverberation Chambers are particularly well suited for measuring phones in talk position near a head phantom, in order to determine the effect of the human body on the above quantities. Standard RC (Bluetest St) When you need a compact, cost effective and light chamber that can pass through a 80 cm wide door. Light aluminum construction Wheels for use when moving chamber Support frame lifts chamber to a convenient working height for accessing DUT Transparent, shielded window in door Halogen light illuminates DUT inside chamber Complete chamber weight approx. 90 kg 2 standard outer widths: 790 mm and 1500 mm Height when located on floor 1850 - 2000 mm Height when on support frame 2400 - 2550 mm Depth 1240 mm
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Bluetest-TechnDescr-070813 - Bluetest St & HP...

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