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General Biology12DNA - General Biology Chapter 12 DNA The...

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General Biology Chapter 12 DNA: The Genetic Material 1. GENES ARE MADE OF DNA The Griffith Experiment: Frederick Griffith did a series of experiments using a virulent strain of Streptococcus pneumonia bacteria on mice. He first injected the mice with the virulent strain and the mice died. He then injected them with a mutant type of the bacteria that lacked the polysaccharide capsule and the mice lived. He hypothesized that something in the polysaccharide capsule contributed to the bacterium’s virulence. The normal pathogenic form is called the S form since it forms smooth colonies in a culture dish. The mutant strain is called the R form since it forms rough colonies. To prove the polysaccharide capsule had the toxic effect he devised an experiment in which he injected dead bacteria from the virulent S strain into mice. The mice remained healthy. He then injected the dead virulent S strain AND the R strain into the mice. Many of the mice died from the virulent bacteria, but it was found on the R non-capsid strain of S. pneumonia . What he discovered became known as the “transforming principal”. While the bacteria was killed the DNA survived and was taken up by the R strain.'s_experiment
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General Biology12DNA - General Biology Chapter 12 DNA The...

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