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Analytical Review - AgNo3 KCl AgCl Indicator is 2 7...

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AgNo3 + KCl AgCl, Indicator is 2’, 7’ dichloroflorescein. Dextrin was added to prevent coagulation and keep precipitate dispersed. Titer AgNo3 mg Cl/ mL AgNo3. M`AgNo3 = wt KCl X (1mol/74.551 g KCl) /Volume of AgNO3. Percent Chloride in Unknown= [(mgCl/mL AgNO3) x ml of AgNO3 in Unk]/ mass of unknown] x 100 Qcalc = Questionable Value – Nearest value/ Range. Relative range= High-Low/Average. SODA-ASH. For Standard = Phenolphthalein and for Unknown = Methyl Red-Bromcresol green mixed indicator. Normality of NaOH = NHCL x VHCL/VNaOH Percent Soda ash in Unknown First find moles HCL = (Nhcl)(Vhcl)/2 = molesof Na2CO3 [(Moles of Na2CO3 x 105.99 g / mass of unknown]x 100. PH Titration [Unknown Weak Acid] Indicator is Phenolphthalein. Equivalence Weight= mg sample/ (V.NaOH x M. NaOH) From first derivative graph, the highest level of the peak can be used to get Volume of 0.1 NaOH used to reach major Equivalence point. FOR MONOPROTIC ACID : @ 0, [H+]= Square root(Ka[HA]) @ ¼ Ka1 = [H+]x0.25/.75 @3/4 Ka1= {H+} (0.75)/0.25 @ ½ titration, Pka=pH, @ Equivalence point, [OH] = (K.water[salt]/ka)^(1/2) FOR DIPROTIC ACID : @ ¼ titration, pH=Pka
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@ ¼ , pH=pka1 @ ¾ titration, pH= Pka2 @ 0, [H+]= square root(Ka1[salt] @ ½ titration, pH=(pka1+Pka2)/2 @ Equivalence point, [OH]= 9(Kw[Salt]/Ka2)^(1/2) TRIPROTIC ACID pH= pka1 + pka2/2 [1/3 titration] pH= pka2+pka2/2u8jmki9788 Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (4) Instrument: Perkin Elmer 1100-B A.A.S Pb has a limit of 20 ppm, ppm = mg/L= micro grams/mL Cu has a limit of 5 ppm, beer’s law affect this. Cd has a limit of 2 ppm.
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Analytical Review - AgNo3 KCl AgCl Indicator is 2 7...

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