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PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY 328 SUMMER 2010 Coordinator, Lecturer, and Recitation Instructor: Dr. Louis Petrone E-mail: [email protected] The required textbook and solutions manual are Physical Chemistry , by Ira N. Levine, Sixth Edition , 2009, and Student Solutions Manual to accompany Physical Chemistry , by Ira N. Levine, Sixth Edition , 2009. Syllabus Chapter 17 Sections 17.1 – 17.16 (Quantum Mechanics) Chapter 18 Sections 18.1 – 18.8 (Atomic Structure) Chapter 19 Sections 19.2 – 19.4 (Molecular Electronic Structure: Born-Oppenheimer Approximation; Hydrogen Molecule Ion; MO Method for Diatomic Molecules)
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 20 Section 20.1; Section 20.2 to top of page 740; Section 20.3; Section 20.4; Section 20.8; Section 20.11 page 774 to middle of page 775 (Spectroscopy) Chapter 21 Sections 21.1 – 21.6 (Statistical Mechanics) Note: Section 2.1(Classical Mechanics) and parts of Section 14.4(Distribution Functions) should be reviewed when helpful. Chapter 1 Section 9 and Chapter 2 Section 12 contain study suggestions and problem solving advice. Class attendance is expected. Some material not in the textbook will be covered in class. Any changes in the syllabus would be announced in class....
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