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Prof . John Straus English Composition 102 A Brief Discussion of Victor Frankl’s Use of different Writing Styles Different writing styles are like different flavors of soft drinks: one might enjoy a particular flavor, but detest another . Just like soft drinks one might like some writing styles and not like others . The great news for us is that Victor Frankl uses many different writing styles, thus everyone in the class can enjoy a bit of his writing . I enjoy the way he makes the reader visualize the events that are taking place, and the way he used clear topic sentences sometimes and forced us to analyze the text other times . I also liked the way he blended in the mystical aspects of his life along with the brutal details from the concentration camps . There were not many times that Frankl gave us a clear topic sentence, but it made me very happy every time I saw one because then I knew exactly what to look for in the paragraph . For example Frankl stated “in spite of all the enforced physical and mental primitiveness of the life in a concentration camp, it was possible for spiritual life to deepen” (36) . This brought a smile to my face because I knew that he was going to be talking about spiritual life in that paragraph . On the other hand, he made reading less fun for me because since I knew what he was going to be talking about, I didn’t feel the need to read carefully for a deeper or another meaning
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Himanshu Sandhar viktor - Prof John Straus English...

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