MIDTERM ESSAY U.S History - Section 1 Essay # 2 Compare and...

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Section 1 Essay # 2 Compare and contrast the Jamestown and Massachusetts Bay colonies from the time of settlement until 1676. Consider the initial goals of settlement, experiences with the Native Americans and internal conflicts. Which story makes a better “origin story” for the United States and why? I. Jamestown a. Founded in 1607 due to a charter granted by King James I to the Virginia Company b. There was a severe drought until 1612 i. this lack of rainfall made it difficult to cultivate crops but also polluted the drinking water. ii. now known to be the worst in the region for 1,700 years. c. Difficult for the men to do labor and use their hands i. they were all soldiers who were not used to this d. Captain John Smith (lower status founder) imposed military discipline in 1608. i. had it not been for this the colony would have collapsed ii. once he left the colony there was a starvation period; much of the colony resorted to cannibalism e. Why go to Jamestown? A. Land, tools, etc. B. Economic Profit C. Tobacco was discovered f. What problem in Jamestown was shown because of Bacon’s Rebellion? A. Not enough good land B. Too many people (the freed indentured servants) C. Solution slavery g. What does it mean for whites in a slave society? A. There must be a measure of control under the entire slave population 1. if not then the system will NOT work B. The whites without slaves are still superior than slaves h. Bacon’s Rebellion A. Governor William Berkeley did not want there to be a major war B. Angry colonists and indentured servants who wanted there land joined forces with Nathaniel Bacon C. Bacon went on battling anyone supporting the Governor, this includes many Native American groups D. Once Bacon died the rebellion fell apart E. “Another main article of our guilt is our design not only to ruin
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MIDTERM ESSAY U.S History - Section 1 Essay # 2 Compare and...

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