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Did Rachel Improve My Writing

Did Rachel Improve My Writing - Denish Bharucha English...

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Denish Bharucha English Composition: 102 Professor: John Straus April 1, 2010 Did Rachel Improve My Writing? The obvious answer would be yes. Rachel Hadas is one of the greatest poets that I have met and it was such an honor to learn some of the important aspects of writing personally from the best. When she visited our class, she talked about her poems and the unique writing styles that she chose to write in her poems. As my classmates asked her various questions about her poems and the writing style overall, it suddenly made me realize some of the biggest mistakes I have been making over the years in writing such as, I was afraid to use “I” in my papers and trying to use fancy words to impress my professors. These were simple mistakes can easily be changed. Hadas inspired my classmates and me to be better writers, to try and think as a writer and to write with such passion that clearly shows emotions. Some of the ideas that Hadas’s discussed during her visit were that we can use “I” in our essays, we do not have to use fancy words, we must revise our essays, and we can start an essay from the back. Along with discussing ways to make us a better writer, Hadas talked about her poetry. She said, “Poetry is like a walk you do it as you go.” She just writes whatever she feels. Rachel Hadas simply explained to the class that writing is not a piece of work that one must write by following every rule that came out of your high school English teacher’s mouth. For example, most of the students have learned from their high school teacher not to use “I” in their writings; thus, many students still in college avoid writing “I” in their papers. This rule is imbedded in the students’ brains, and to them, the word “I” has such a negative connotation. This can really be a problem because some of the essay questions ask about “your” stand on the issue. The student may receive a lower grade for being off topic because they used “One” instead of “I.” This writing is a great example in this issue. As you can see, throughout the paper I write
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“I,” instead of “One” or “They.” One other example is my SAT question which asked me for my opinion on gang violence. When I was in tenth grade, I was always told not to use “I” in essays, and I followed the directions of my English teacher. I could have received a better score if I
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Did Rachel Improve My Writing - Denish Bharucha English...

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