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Azab 1 Andrew Azab English 102 Professor John Straus February 10, 2010 The Power of Frankl’s Style Viktor Frankl has a phenomenal writing style and knows how to get his point across. His rhetoric is effective because of the strategy he uses when writing. He knows his audience and keeps them in mind as he is writing. The elements of Frankl’s writing consist of several points that build upon his technique to appeal to his readers. Frankl first establishes authority in the minds’ of his readers. He then addresses the readers through their emotions and senses. The author also uses logic with his straightforward language to ensnare his audience. The writing style used by Viktor Frankl is uncommon for the typical holocaust survivor. This allows him to stand out more to his directed audience. In Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning , he begins with informing his readers the reason why he is writing and why he is the one writing it. “This book does not claim to be an account of facts and events but of personal experiences, experiences which millions of prisoners have suffered time and again, It is the inside story of a concentration camp, told by one of its survivors…” (Frankl 3). This opening is very powerful for several reasons. One, it shows the honesty of Viktor Frankl. Two, it gives us an idea of what kind of man Frankl was. I believe that he was not one to seek glory and fame, but just a man trying to share with the world a life changing experience during his life. Three, this ultimately gives credibility to what Frankl has to say. Not just any man could write about the holocaust and claim truth to what he writes.
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Azab 2 From this point, the reader can now generally accept what Frankl has to say and that is essential in good writing. Frankl immediately compels me to believe his words as soon as I begin reading. The key to this style of attaining credibility is ethical arguments. According to
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English Essay Frankl extended - Azab 1 Andrew Azab English...

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