Case Tragic Optimism

Case Tragic Optimism - Azab 1 Andrew Azab English 102...

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Azab 1 Andrew Azab English 102 Professor John Straus April 21, 2010 Effective Argumentative Strategies In Viktor Frankl’s section of his novel entitled The Case for a Tragic Optimism , he is extremely persuasive in his language. Some examples of his argumentative strategies include establishing authority by quoting world renowned psychiatrists and philosophers as well as his use of ethical appeal enhanced with his personal experiences. Along with this, Frankl incorporates his complex beliefs with supporting information and facts. He also acknowledges opposing arguments and has the ability to allow his words to “come off the page”. The last aspects of Frankl’s strategies that will be discussed are his awareness of his audience and his concentration on the use of a logical strategy to sway his audience, including both inductive and deductive logic. Without establishing authority in writing, your work will not be esteemed by readers. “Credible sources are written by authors respected in their fields of study” (Weida 4). Frankl establishes his authority by referring to celebrated psychiatrists and incorporating his own experiences with the concentration camps and other people. “‘ Sed omina praeclara tam difficilia quam rara sunt ’ (but everything great is just as difficult to realize as it is rare to find) reads the last sentence or the Ethics of Spinoza ” (Frankl 154). Frankl ends his section with this quote from a popular book. He incorporated this quote to agree with his argument that people can remain optimistic in spite of the pain they are experiencing. Having support from an authority figure such as Spinoza makes an argument much more believable.
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Azab 2 Frankl’s experiences also make his writing believable and more understandable. “Some modern essays make a great deal out of the writers’ own experiences, telling anecdotes from their lives that illustrate some larger theme that affects us all” (Kelly 4). Frankl is one of these writers. Every experience Frankl shares with his readers are to assist in understanding a theme. “An American woman once confronted me with reproach, ‘How can you still write some of your
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Case Tragic Optimism - Azab 1 Andrew Azab English 102...

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