2004mth510 - MTH 510 NumericalAnalysis...

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MTH 510 Numerical Analysis Course Management Form, Winter 2005 Ryerson University Instructor: Dr. L. Kolasa Officc: ENG 225 Phone: 979-5000, ext. 4871 Course Website: www. scs. ryerson. ca/-nthS10 Office hours: Monday 9-11, Thursday 9-10, or by appointment. Textbook: Numerical Method.s for Engineers, 4th edifion. S. Cirapra and R. Canale, McGraw Hill, 2002. Calculator: You must have a calculator. It does not have to be particuiarly fancy; a typicai scientific calculator will suffice. A graphing or a programmable calculator is useful but not required. Anything more powerful (e.g., a laptop or pahn pilot) is acceptable during class, but not on the midternr or exa,lr. Grading: Your final urark is debermined by your performance in three categories: Term work Midterm test Final exarn 30% 30% 407 Term work: Term work consists of three assignments, distributed during class, to be handed in at a later date (about 3 weeks working time). A typical assignment has about 5-6 problems, one or
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2004mth510 - MTH 510 NumericalAnalysis...

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