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Marketplace business simulation, How To Use Marketplace, International Corporate Management ~ 1 ~ How to Use Marketplace Each Marketplace screen is divided into several parts: The set of icons at the top There is a set of icons that are always displayed across the top of the screen. These icons give you easy access to several useful options: Use the <Sign Off> icon to end your Marketplace session. All your previous work will be saved and you will be able to access it whenever you sign in to Marketplace again. Use this option when you want to end your work with Marketplace or whenever you complete and wrap up the decisions for a particular quarter. Use the <Wrap Up> icon, to signal to the Marketplace Processing Center that you (your team) have completed all the entries and changes in your decisions for current quarter. Every quarter, you need to make sure that you wrap up your decisions before the deadline time announced at the beginning of the simulation. The <Previous Quarter> icon allows you to review historical data - decisions and results of previous quarters. You may not make changes in historical decisions. Remember to always switch to the current quarter after reviewing the historical data. The
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how-to-use-marketplace-icm - Marketplace business...

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