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Marketing Plan Instructions You are to develop a marketing plan for the marketplace simulation Game. Your plan is to follow the plan outline discussed in chapter two of the textbook and replicated in the Marketing Plan Outline below. We will discuss marketing plans in class (see assignment schedule on Moodle). Your plan is a living document. The due date for the initial draft is on the schedule. The base plan will be very sketchy, including only the essential components. We will talk about your plans in class and, as the game proceeds, you are to flesh out the details of your plan. Use a sentence outline format for your plan, with the heading and subheadings form the outline provided. Use the template (outline) provided below for your base plan. Be sure to follow the outline exactly . Down load the plan template and Use it for your plan as you proceed with your game. It is important that you follow the outline, using the same headings and subheadings because I will grade each part of your plan as follows. If any heading or subheading is missing, I will deduct points heavily. I. Mission Statement 20 points II. Objectives 20 points III. SWOT 20 points IV. Marketing Strategy 20 points V. Implementation 20 points Total 100 points for game plan Format and length 1. Type your plan in a word document 2. Length-- minimum 10 pages, Maximum 15 pages, excluding cover page. 3. Spacing, font, margins—single space, 12-point Times Roman or Arial font one side of page only with one inch margins on right, left top and bottom of pages. 4. Cover page (copy template) with the information on the template. 5. Sentence outline format with narrative. 6. Number pages in upper right corner. Copy the outline and follow it heading for heading. You will need to adjust the margins in the outline to keep from having too much white 1
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outline. Turn in this as check off sheet with your plan . Your plan (gameplan) counts 100 points and game performance (gameplay) counts 100 Points.
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Marketing_Plan_Checklist_and_Guidelines - 1 Marketing Plan...

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