CHAPTER 1 - custody of their children 5 One of the major...

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CHAPTER 1 1. According to Comte, understanding society requires recognizing forces for stability and order, as well as change. Today sociologists refer to these using the term: Social structure and social process. 1. Durkheim referred to community standards of morality as: Collective conscience 2. Sociology is defined in your text as the systematic study of: Human social interaction 3. Max Weber developed which approaches for sociology? Value-free stance and an emphasis on subjective meanings 4. According to your text, a latent dysfunction of the "battered women's syndrome" defense may be that: Women who successfully use the defense may find it difficult to retain
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Unformatted text preview: custody of their children 5. One of the major premises underlying symbolic interactionism is that: Shared symbolic meanings grow out of human interaction 6. According to your text, sociology: Critically examines common sense explanations of human social behavior 7. Which of the following is an operational definition? Education is defined as completed years of formal schooling 8. The research process that starts with data and builds into theories is called: Induction 9. The tendency for people to alter the truth so that they appear nicer, richer, and more desirable than they really are is called: Social desirability bias...
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CHAPTER 1 - custody of their children 5 One of the major...

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