Chapter 1 Notes - Introduction 1.25.08 3 major theories of...

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Introduction 1.25.08 3 major theories of sociology we will discuss 1. Functionalism 2. Conflict 3. Symbolic Interactionism 1. Functionalism. This is like Biological Analogy or a human body. Each part of the system cooperates with one another. Order, Interconnection, Stability. All institutions will contribute to the society. 2. Conflict Theory This theory is completely opposite from functionalism. The belief is in the social hierarchy and inequality. People that play the roles in this social hierarchy are white, white collar educated Christian males. This is not 100% accurate but for the most part these types of people are in the social hierarchy who control this type of government. 3. Symbolic Interactionism These people believe in meaning, attachment, and definition of situation. All human actions have meaning and nothing is random. Our actions are determined by certain situations. People, places, creatures, and objects all have specific meanings. 1. Functionalists. 1. Augusta Comte (Jan 17, 1798 – Sept 5, 1857) 19 th century French philosopher. Father of sociology. He was the first person to use the word sociologie. He believed
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only science can produce true knowledge and not from religion or metaphysics or pseudo-sciences. He believed we can divide a society into two parts or imagine a society as a composition of two parts. Social Statics – can have a society maintain the status quo I.E. marriage equals monogamy or the US equals Democracy and the US economy equals Capitalism Social Dynamics – some institutions will help a society progress and develop. I.E. research institutions, auto companies, corporations. All these help with new ideas
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Chapter 1 Notes - Introduction 1.25.08 3 major theories of...

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