Chapter 14 Family - Sociology Chapter 14 The Family and...

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Sociology Chapter 14 The Family and Intimate Relationships Why single people can create or recreate a family. I. Types of singlehood A. Voluntary but temporary i.e. students… B. Voluntary and permanent i.e. priests, monks, nuns C. Involuntary and temporary i.e. people who are divorced D. Involuntary but permanent. I.e. idiots, morons physically disabled, widows II. Mate Selection A. Filter theory – demographic factors. (Age, educational level, race, religion, income, gender) B. Wheel Theory – psychological dimensions. 4 Psychological Processes 1. Rapport – if couples feel comfortable doing things together 2. Mutual Revelation – as couples feel comfortable they begin to share personal secrets 3. Mutual Dependency – this is where they provide support to each other emotionally and/or financially. They start to develop intimate relationships 4. Intimate C. Exchange Theory – focus on the economic aspect. Single people will compare 2 things 1. Benefits – Positive aspects. Stable Personality, Reputation, Physical Attraction, Supportive Family and so on 2. Cost – Negative aspects. Poverty, Personality Disorder, Unstable or abusive personality, low education, physical disabilities. Types of Marriages 1. Monogamy – 1 husband 1 wife 2. Polygamy – Many husbands or wives A. Polyandry – 1 wife several husbands. Usually more males than females in an area
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B. Polygyny – 1 husband several wives. Usually more females than males in an area. 3. Endogamy – intraracial, chooses their spouse from the same racial group 4. Heterogamy – interracial, chooses their spouse from different racial group 5. Imbalanced Sex Ratio – when an area has an imbalance for different gender like when there is
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Chapter 14 Family - Sociology Chapter 14 The Family and...

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