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logo and the curvy bottle design of the coke bottle makes a strong brand iden Brand Identity The brand identity is the audio-visual 'face' of the brand moreover it includes visible elements of a brand (such as colors, design, logotype, name, symbol) that together identify and distinguish the brand in the consumers' mind. The brand identity, used in all aspects of communication with the customers (including literature, brochures, packaging, the product itself, the Internet, stationery, and so on). For example, Coca Cola has a strong brand identity in the global market and is one of most respected brands in the world. Coke has kept the following things in mind when making a strong brand identity. Graphical design (Coca-Cola , bottle design, as shown in figure 1) Font style (Coke has a distinctive font ,as shown in figure 1) Use of color (Red color for coke, as shown in figure 1) Sounds or gingle (Kha ley , pey lay , gee ley , coca cola) Adding some visual vocabulary elements (font styles, colors, shapes, layout conventions, backgrounds, photographic library, and text treatments) to brand identity makes communicating with the audience easier, quicker and more emotionally charged. This gives you a highly effective way to increase the visibility and memorability of a brand. When used correctly, it can increase the credibility of the brand as well. It even can help add some personality to a brand identity and can make future marketing materials easier to develop. And, unlike the company logo, it can modify the visual vocabulary elements you use from time to time to spice up your business communications. All separable elements of the identity should be researched for availability and registered as trademarks, as should its slogans. You then need to draw up a series of standards that ensure the consistent "look and feel" of the brand in all situations. The implementation of these standards should be policed both inside and outside of your company. There are a number of organizations that will do this for you on a continuous basis. The Coca-Cola Corporation is famous for having its own inspectors across the world ensuring compliance to brand identity standards and detecting infringements. Therefore Coca Cola possesses a strong brand identity in the global market for which, sales are rapidly increasing
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Brand Position A brand’s position is the set of perceptions, impressions, ideas and feelings that consumers have for the product compared with competing products. Marketers plan positions that give their products the greatest advantage in selected target markets, and they design marketing mixes to create these planned positions. Brand positioning can be viewed as the brand's promise of value—a UVP (unique value proposition) or
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assign 2 - Brand Identity a logo and the curvy bottle...

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