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Chapter08 - Chapter08 True/False Indicate whether the...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter08 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. ____ ____ ____ 1. Domain names always start with www. 2. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a common way of transmitting whole files from one computer to another. 3. Really Simple Syndication (or in a newer version, Rich Site Summary) (RSS) is a family of HTML file formats. 4. Instant messaging (IM) offers users real-time online interactivity. 5. Cookies are always temporary; they are installed only for one session, and are removed when the user leaves the site. 6. Especially worrisome are third-party cookies, which collect your browsing and shopping habits across many Web sites. 7. In general, the volume of e-commerce between businesses is about ten times as great as that of business-toconsumer e-commerce. 8. A reach occurs whenever a browser downloads a page containing a banner. 9. An exchange is an extranet for organizations that offer for sale and bid on products and services of a particular type. ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 10. Companies in the same industry—competitors—often collaborate in establishing a Web site for one or several purposes. ____ 11. An important element of online retailing is the convenience of returns. ____ 12. Many online businesses offer affiliate programs to Web site owners. ____ 13. Similar to auctions among companies, some Web sites serve as auction hubs for individuals. ____ 14. Electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) is spreading quickly. ____ 15. Experts believe that the most attractive mobile application might not be online buying, but the delivery of highly relevant information. ____ 16. Frames are servers on which the same content and applications are duplicated. ____ 17. In dedicated hosting the host dedicates a server to the client, and the client can fully control the content on the server’s disks. ____ 18. Renters of dedicated servers usually have client access, which means they act as unrestricted administrators of that computer. ____ 19. Technical support involves the quality of the equipment that the hosting company provides, security measures it maintains, the sophistication of server and load management, and the technical skills of its personnel. ____ 20. Few hosting firms provide subscribers with e-mail addresses. Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 21. A secure version of the HTTP protocol for confidential transactions is ____. a. HTTPS (HTTP Secure) c. HTTPSc (HTTP Secure condition) b. SHHTTP (Secure host HTTP) d. HTTPSt (HTTP Secure transaction) ____ 22. ____ determines the look and location of text, pictures, animations, and other elements on a Web page. a. Extensible Language (XL) c. Extensible Markup Language (XML) b. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) d. Hypertext Language (HTL) ____ 23. Every time you download a file from a Web site or attach files to e-mail, you are using a(n) ____ application. a. TCP c. FTP b. NNTP d. POP ____ 24. ____ software notifies bloggers when their posts have been mentioned elsewhere on the Web, so they and their readers can extend the discussion beyond the original blog. a. Trace c. Reply b. Forward d. Trackback ____ 25. While blogging is publishing text and other visual material, ____ is publishing sound and video. a. casting c. video conferencing b. posting d. podcasting ____ 26. ____ might be thought of as “real-time e-mail,” because, unlike e-mail, it is synchronous. a. Instant mailing (IM) c. Instant messaging (IM) b. Intimate mailing (IM) d. Messaging (M) ____ 27. If you have ever surfed the Web, your computer probably contains ____. a. gifts c. biscuits b. cookies d. mines ____ 28. ____ includes cookies and other, more sophisticated applications that are installed on your computer unbeknownst to you and transmit information about you while you are online. a. Spyware c. Pirateware b. Spycookies d. Pirateutils ____ 29. Online advertising is done mainly in two ways: through ____ and through banners. a. e-mail c. spam b. search engines d. newsgroups ____ 30. ____, which is any form of advertising through an online search site, is regarded by businesses as highly effective. a. Search advertising c. Spam advertising b. Newsgroup advertising d. Usenet advertising ____ 31. The most basic metric that can be measured at a site is the number of ____. a. impressions c. calls b. printings d. deals ____ 32. A(n) ____ is a network used only by the employees of an organization. a. extranet c. internet b. intranet d. supranet ____ 33. An extranet might be viewed as connecting ____ of business partners. a. usenets c. intranets b. internets d. supernets ____ 34. Companies that sell online maintain large warehouses and pay for picking, packing, and shipping, three activities known as ____. a. compliance c. producing b. filling d. fulfillment ____ 35. While ____ might sound benign, many privacy advocates claim that it violates privacy rights. a. cookie profiling c. online fulfilling b. consumer fulfilling d. consumer profiling ____ 36. On the Web, ____ means information, such as news, research results, statistics, and other useful information, as well as artistic works such as music, pictures, and video clips. a. source c. deposit b. content d. fountain ____ 37. Companies whose R&D staffs cannot find a solution to a biological or chemical problem can post the challenge at ____ and offer a cash reward for a practical solution. a. InnoCentive Inc. c. Procter & Gamble b. Dow Chemical Co. d. Eli Lilly and Company ____ 38. ____ allows people to use their mobile devices to experience an event and react immediately. a. M-commerce c. M-marketing b. E-commerce d. E-marketing ____ 39. ____ extend from commercial organizations to both suppliers and buyers. a. Sale forces c. Distributor forces b. Supply chains d. Dealer teams ____ 40. ____ enables business partners to set standards for data formats in Web pages. a. Perl c. XML b. Cgi d. SQL ____ 41. ____ transfers visitor inquiries from a busy server to a less busy server for identical information and services. a. Load balancing c. Pure playing b. Shared hosting d. Co-location ____ 42. In ____, the hosting company owns the server and the server management software. a. virtual private server hosting c. dedicated hosting b. shared hosting d. co-location ____ 43. Some companies might want to use entire physical servers all for themselves and therefore can opt for ____. a. shared hosting b. mirroring c. dedicated hosting d. virtual private server hosting ____ 44. ____ is usually the most expensive of hosting options. a. Dedicated hosting c. Shared Hosting b. Virtual private server hosting d. Co-location ____ 45. Most hosting companies offer the use of a combination of software popularly called LAMP, which is an acronym: Linux for operating system, ____, MySQL for DBMS, and PHP or Python or Perl for developing dynamic Web pages. a. Acrobat for Web reader c. Access for database b. Adobe for server management software d. Apache for server management software ____ 46. Some hosting companies charge extra fees for shared hosting if the site experiences activity above a predetermined amount of data that is transferred, or number of visits from Web surfers, known as ____. a. spots c. hits b. deals d. stops ____ 47. On the Web, ____ includes identifying the sites your audience frequently visits. a. hosting c. spamming b. phishing d. targeting ____ 48. By using cookies and recording shoppers’ movements, ____ software can create electronic consumer profiles for each shopper and buyer. a. SQL c. XML b. CRM d. cgi ____ 49. In addition to including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) information, some companies have used ____ software that can answer open-ended questions. a. context-sensitive c. knowledge management b. expertise d. knowledgeable ____ 50. Customers now demand not only prompt e-mail replies to their queries but also ____ alerts. a. proactive c. standard b. simple d. preliminary Completion Complete each statement. 51. The protocol used to transfer and download Web information is ____________________. 52. ____________________ is the most common programming language for creating Web pages and other information viewable in a Web browser. 53. A(n) ____________________ is a Web page that invites surfers to post opinions and artistic work, as well as links to sites of interest. 54. To ____________________ is to make a digital audio recording, usually of voice, and post the file on the Web so that people can download it and listen to it. 55. A(n) ____________________ is a small file that a Web site places on a visitor’s hard disk so that the Web site can remember something about the surfer later. 56. Software designed to trace and report your online behavior without your knowledge is called ____________________. 57. Web-enabled business is often classified by the parties involved in the interaction: business-to-business (B2B) and ____________________. 58. ____________________ are images placed on a Web site that link to the site of the company selling the product or service. 59. A(n) ____________________ limits site access to the employees of particular organizations, usually business partners. 60. Although ____________________ trading on the Internet is much larger in volume, online business-toconsumer (B2C) trading is more visible to the general public. 61. Online retailing, called ____________________, continues to grow throughout the world for several reasons: greater availability of faster communication lines to households, growing confidence in online purchases, and the increasing ability to find the item one searches and rich information about it. 62. The purpose of ____________________ is to know the consumers better so the business can serve them better, while streamlining its marketing and sales operations. 63. The ability of Web sites to serve as prompt exchanges of information has supported another popular business model, the ____________________ or name-your-own-price auction. 64. Most people still prefer to pay their bills by check and through the mail, partly because fraud on the Internet has increased in recent years, especially through a practice called ____________________. 65. Wireless technologies enable what some people call mobile commerce, or ____________________. 66. ____________________ is used extensively in Web technologies so that the SCM systems of two organizations can “speak to one another.” 67. In ____________________, the client’s Web site is stored on the host’s same physical server along with the sites of other clients. 68. The purpose of a(n) ____________________ is to create the impression that the client maintains its own server. 69. ____________________ pages can be built with several programming tools: CGI, Java servlets, PHP, and ASP (Active Server Pages). 70. A(n) ____________________ is any product that is sold for about the same price by a multitude of vendors in a highly competitive market, usually with a thin margin of profit. ...
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