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Access Chapter 5 — Multi-Table Forms TRUE/FALSE 1. A hyperlink field can contain only links to Web pages. 2. You can use the OLE Object data type or the Attachment data type to store a picture. 3. In Datasheet view, an Attachment field appears as a paper clip rather than the field name. 4. When entering data in a field that has an input mask, Access will insert the appropriate special characters in the proper positions. 5. When you enter data in a memo field, Access automatically expands the row and column to display all the data in the field. 6. Rows in a datasheet may be different sizes. 7. When you insert data in an OLE field, you either can create a new object or insert an already created object in the field. 8. Only pictures that have been created in Microsoft Drawing can be inserted into OLE fields in Access. 9. Any row and column spacing changes made to a datasheet are saved automatically when you close the table. 10. When data, such as a picture, is inserted into an OLE field, Access does not immediately display the picture. 11. To select more than one control at a time on a form, press and hold down the ALT key as you select additional controls. 12. You can use the ruler to select multiple controls. 13. If the field list covers a portion of the form, you can move it but you cannot resize it. 14. When you add a title to a form using the Title button, Access places the title in the Detail section.
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