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Access Chapter 3 – Maintaining a Database TRUE/FALSE 1. Maintaining the database means modifying the data to keep it up-to-date, such as adding new records, changing the data for existing records, and deleting records. 2. Validation rules ensure validity of the data in the database, while entity integrity ensures the validity of the relationships. 3. Backing up the database as well as compacting and repairing a database are database maintenance tasks. 4. To add a new record using Form view, click the Add Record button on the Navigation bar. 5. Looking for the client whose number is MH56 is an example of searching. 6. The command on the shortcut menu that displays data in Form view is Form View. 7. You can search for a record in Form view but not in Datasheet view. 8. If the TAB key is used to move from field to field in a record, press F2 to produce an insertion point in a field. 9. The Find button is available only in Form view. 10. Four types of filters are available in Access: Filter By Selection, Common Filters, Filter By Form, and Advanced Filter/Sort. 11. You can use a filter in either Datasheet view or Form view. 12. The simplest type of filter is called Filter By Form. 13. You cannot apply a filter to the results of a query. 14. A change in outside regulations could cause changes to the structure of a table.
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