ECON 1100 Writing Assignment #1

ECON 1100 Writing Assignment #1 - Lorthridge, Joshua ECON...

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Lorthridge, Joshua ECON 1100-004 May 6 th , 2009
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The most common and aggravating problem on UNT campus, and many others, is the ever present shortage of parking spaces. There are simply too many students, faculty, staff and others with vehicles and too few parking spaces to accommodate them all; demand is higher than supply. Non-purchasers add more volatility to this when they risk getting a ticket to be just a little closer to their classes or campus activities. I have prepared an analysis of this situation that will assume that campus law enforcement is overly aggressive to the point of stopping non-permit holders from taking designated parking spaces and all else is ceteris paribus. There is no acceptable way currently to increase supply, as every bit of acreage owned by UNT will be better and more profitably used for academic or administrative buildings and libraries. Since parking spaces are, for the time being, fixed in short supply the only way to bring supply and demand into equilibrium would be to either raise permit
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ECON 1100 Writing Assignment #1 - Lorthridge, Joshua ECON...

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