ENGL 2700 Brochure Assignment

ENGL 2700 Brochure Assignment - Fredericksburg, TX 78624...

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General Information You are about to enter a primitive hiking and camping area, an experience far removed from the everyday “civilized” life to which we have become accustomed. The country through which you will walk is being allowed to revert to its natural condition; the incursions of man will be kept to a minimum. Visitors are encouraged to maximize their experience in this natural setting by closely examining and experiencing the sounds, smells and the feel of nature. In so doing, the trail before you will not only be more enjoyable but inspirational as well. Future generations will be able to enjoy and experience the primitive backcountry area only if today’s visitors protect and care for their heritage. The satisfaction and achievement of traveling through and camping in a primitive area will be complete only if you, the user, leave no sign of your visit . .. no perceptible traces. Help preserve the harmony and nature of the backcountry. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area 16710 Ranch Road 965 Fredericksburg, TX 78624 (325) 247-3903 www.tpwd.state.tx.us
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Vernal Pools: A Threatened Natural Resource The “islands” of vegetation on the bare granite summit of Enchanted Rock are some of the most ecologically significant and severely threatened features of this state
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ENGL 2700 Brochure Assignment - Fredericksburg, TX 78624...

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