Lec 5 - Lec 5 HOMEWORK: -when the diameter of the cell...

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Lec 5 HOMEWORK: -when the diameter of the cell doubles, the area to volume ratio gets cut in half -if it is growing in size, the surface and volume ratio decreases, what constraint does it have? Observations: Breast cancer cell divide (proliferate) more frequently than normal breast epithelial cells. In ~20% of human breast cancer cases in humans, the over expression of erbB2 is observed (transmembrane molecule, in the plasma membrane of most epithelial cells). The cancer cells over-express a cell surface (plasma membrane) receptor molecule, erbB2. erbB2 is one of the family of receptors (on cell surface) that recognizes and binds to epidermal growth factor, a class of family of proteins that stimulate cell proliferation. -May be responsible for why cancer cell proliferates in this case. And, in some cases, there is also amplification of the gene that codes for erbB2. -These observations provide circumstantial evidence and establish a correlation between erbB2 expression and cancer cell behavior. Therefore, we may say that it is plausible that erbB2 expression is involved in breast cancer. -Correlation has been established, so there is plausibility Hypothesis: Over-expression of erbB2 is sufficient to cause abnormal rates of cell proliferation, and behave like cancer cells. Experiment: Gain of function type of experiment 1. Transfection -cause over expression of erbB2 in the membrane of the normal cell and use DNA trasnfection in the membrane. Srong promoter linked to erbB2 and transfected into the cell, message translated to mRNa and translated to protein, and protein syn on
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transcribed in RER, packaged in the golgi apparatus, transported into the vesicle and inserted on the surface of the cell -how do we know if cell got into the cell? Through ICC or IHC Immunocytochem -The goal is to produce a very specific protein (antibody against erbB2 protein) that will recognize (molecular complementarity) and bind to a specific molecule of interest (the antigen). Microscopy
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Lec 5 - Lec 5 HOMEWORK: -when the diameter of the cell...

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