Lec 2 - Lec 2 Composition of cells(Ch 1 Review Session...

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Lec 2 (03/31/10): Composition of cells (Ch 1) Review Session: Thurs April 8 th , 5-6pm or 6-7pm? 3059 SLB? Fertilized Egg 1 st phase-Vascular genesis- onset or formation of the vasculature (blood cells and endophilial cells develop into veins and arteries formed), they start to fuse together and forms tubes (form veins and arteries), generate complex network of branched blood vessels 2md phase-Angiogenesis- remodeling preexisting vascular network. Branching, and budding. What are Mukouyama and his pals up to? Theme of paper: if you look at any tissue or organ in your body and you trace the pattern of blood vessel and sensory nerve, that they often coincide very closely. Seem to be a one to one formation between blood vevssels (arteries and veins) and major axons that come out of nerves. How does this happen? -what is the mechanism by which the vascular system is remodeled, directing the angiogenesis of this particular system. What are the key background observations regarding the physical relationship between peripheral sensory nerves (PSNs) and blood vessels? -one to one formation for formation of blood vessel and nerves. What is responsible for pattern formation, relationship between peripheral sensory nerve and blood vessel 1. nerves and blood vessel branching pattern are completely independent, and just a matter of 2 separate mechanism that allow them to come together and in the final structure of an organ or tissue that they just happen to coincide with each other. This makes sense because nerves require a high amount of energy in form of glucose and oxygen, so it makes sense that they would develop in concert in close contact with the supplier of oxygen and glucose that is available in blood vessel. They do this independently, get different sets of developmental quest from surrounding tissues and just happen to come together like that. 2. There is an actual cause and effect relationship between these two tissues. Hypothesize
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Lec 2 - Lec 2 Composition of cells(Ch 1 Review Session...

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