Lec 3 - Lec 3 (04/02/10): Investigative Techniques (Ch 18)...

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Lec 3 (04/02/10): Investigative Techniques (Ch 18) Office Hours April 5-8 M-W 9-10:30 3061 R 2-3:30; 5-6:30 3059 F Quiz 8-8:20 AM Eukaryotic Cell constituents-overview How are cells studied? -rules of evidence (plausibility, don’t need to remember examples) Common model systems Key techniques: (1) transfection/transgenics (2) immuno (histo-tissues pieces of organs) (cyto-cells) chemistry [IHC,ICC] (3) microscopy Endomembrane System – composed of bilayers 1. Endoplasmic reticulum (ER)- complex network that is continuous with the outer nuclear envelope, complex sheet of lipid bilayer, provide large surface area on which protein can be synthesized, it provides internal compartments called csiternae (pink things). --eukaryotes- Cell is compartmentalized by a series of membranes, each one providing specific, independent and local env where special functions can take place. Increase surface area is a major component
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-cisternae- provide a localized env that has various enzymes and regulatory proteins in which the things that are being synthesized in and outside of the ER can be processed and monitored, compartmentalized env that is separate form the cytoplasm and nuclearplasm. -sarcoplasmic reticulum- special smooth ER found in skeletal muscle. In skeletal muscle it is a sequestration site for calcium ions. Skeletal muscle contraction is triggered by the release and subsequent uptake of calcium ion that will trigger interaction between thick and thin filaments to give you the sliding filament mechanism of contraction which is triggered by deflux and influx of calcium ion that are stored in the sarcoplasmic reticulum. In non muscle cells the SER is also a repository for calcium ion, but is specialized in smooth muscle fashion. SER (series of interconnecting tubes, lacks ribosome, no proteins are synthesized here) ;RER (related to ribosome, synthesis of the protein that is membrane associated proteins or proteins that is secreted from the cell) 4. Endoplasmic Reticulum Golgi Intermediate Compartment (ERGIC)- region of that transition activity
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Lec 3 - Lec 3 (04/02/10): Investigative Techniques (Ch 18)...

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