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I. Dell became One Percent Company (2008) A. One Percent company is a giving program with a strategic approach and leadership team. 1. Dell wants to achieve one percent of annual pre-tax profits by 2010. Captures data on giving dollars, in kind donations, and volunteer hours. 2. Dell formed a Global Giving Council made up of Executives from China, India, The United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Western Europe, Brazil, and the U.S. a. Council was set up to guide giving effort and to make sure they are applied. Focuses on giving youths fields of education, digital inclusion, and environment. 3. Dell increased their annual pre-tax profits in 2009. Dell went from a 42% annual pre-tax profit to a 74%, which was more than $8 million. B. Giving around the world II. 1 . Dell is working hard to close technology gaps in emerging companies. a. Focuses Education Digital inclusion Green solutions 2. Dell provided a grant to expand the Dell Learning Center at the Cerebral Palsy (Spastic) Children’s Association of Penang. 3. Dell sponsored the Digital Citizen Project. 4. Dell is currently helping low income populations gain marketplace skills in Brazil. 5.
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social - I Dell became One Percent Company(2008 A One...

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