Chp 12 Sec 2 The Partition of Africa

Chp 12 Sec 2 The Partition of Africa - -Extended influence...

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Gabriel Greening B Period History Ms. Cory II. European Contacts Increase a. Explorers: -Explores began pushing into the interior of Africa -Africa had amazing geography b. Missionaries: -Catholic and Protestant sought to convert Africans to Christianity -They built schools, medical facilities, and disliked slave trade -They looked down upon Africans c. Livingstone -Dr. David Livingstone was super explorer/missionary for 30 years. -He didn’t look down upon Africans as much as others. III. A Scramble for Colonies a. Berlin Conference: -1884, an international conference was held to redraw the map of Africa so Europe would get equal land -New borders were made without African consent. b. Horrors in the Congo: -Leopold and his men were brutal to villagers in the Congo -Congo handed over to Belgium -Major abuse ended, yet Africans had no power c. French Expansion: -France ruled a giant share of Africa -Invaded and killed many, many people, and lost many of their own also
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Unformatted text preview: -Extended influence d. Britain Takes Its Share :-Britain had less land, but their colonies more heavily populated and richer with resources-Clashed in the south with Boer people-1899 to 1902 was the Boer War. British won, but lost many people-Whites were in power: racial discrimination e. Others Join the Scramble:-Portugal and Germany claimed some African land-Germany did not wish to impose, yet wanted their piece of the pie Gabriel Greening B Period History Ms. Cory IV. Africans Resist Imperialism-Many African forces fought back -Resistance killed many Europeans and Africans a. Ethiopia Survives:-Preserved independence -Menelik II was a reforming ruler-‘Westernized’ to keep up with Europe-When Italy invaded them Ethiopia were ready and crushed them. b. New African Elite:-An upper class formed in Africa-Some middle-class Africans admired western ways and converted-Some middle-class Africans condemned western society....
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Chp 12 Sec 2 The Partition of Africa - -Extended influence...

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