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Chapter 13 Review Questions - wouldn't let the colony have...

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Gabriel Greening B Period History Ms .Cory page 366: 9,10,14,16 with a Venn diagram 9. How did modernization encourage Japan to seek its own colonies? -After modernization Japan was very ambitious and to keep up with the big European countries, it new it had to gain a foothold in other areas with the use of colonies. 10. How did Siam avoid colonization by a European nation? -King Mongkut did not underestimate western powers. He studied foreign languages and read widely on modern science and mathematics. King Mongkut had to sign some unequal treaties, but was able to escape becoming a colony. 14. How did imperialism encourage economic dependence? -The only people who could manufacture stuff was the western country, the colony would be dependent on the western people to build stuff for them because the western country
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Unformatted text preview: wouldn't let the colony have the technology necessary to build there own stuff 16. Compare Japans response to western imperial with of China. (a) How were the two responses similar? (b) How were they different? Japan-Saw England defeat China with the Opium War-Reformed quickly and modernized (to keep up with the west)-Japan went on to become imperial powers them selves-Military strength China-Boxer uprising against foreigners-Could not reform their old ways-Taiping Rebellion; peasants revolted against their own leaders Both-People wanted their country to westernize-Both resented terms of unequal treaties-Did not like the western powers-Merchants and peasants fed up with their lack of power-Western powers wanted many rights over them...
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