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Chapter 14 Section 1

Chapter 14 Section 1 - -Britain and France got closer ties...

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Gabriel Greening B Period History Ms. Cory Chapter 14 Section 1 I. The Pursuit of Peace -Many efforts to end war and foster understanding among countries -1896 first modern Olympic Games -Alfred Nobel set up the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ -‘Hague Tribunal’ -Women struggle for suffrage II. Aggressive Nationalism a. France ad Germany: -Germany fueled by new power -France wanted to hold onto European power -Both yearned for greatness b. Eastern Europe: -East were united, but nationalism hurt that -Balkans attacked Turkey III. Rivalries Among European Powers a. Imperialism -Competition for colonies brought France and Germany to brink of war
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Unformatted text preview: -Britain and France got closer ties against Germany-Germany didn’t want France to have Morocco-Germany gained some land b. Militarism and the Arms Race:-Glorification of the military-Tensions rose, expanded armies and navies-Military leaders looked to, readiness for war IV. A Tangle of Alliances-Distrust led great powers to sign treaties promising to protect each other-Two huge alliances formed, the ‘Allies’ and the ‘Central Powers’-Alliances got tied up, so a local conflict could end up in a general war...
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