Chapter 14 Section 3

Chapter 14 Section 3 - -Tanneburg b. Southern...

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Gabriel Greening B Period History Ms.Cory Chapter 14 Section 3 I. The Western Front a. Trench Warfare: -Trenches were built for warfare -Bad conditions in trench -Trench of opposite forces 100 yards from each other -Many dead b. Costly Battles: -Stalemate, both sides to many, many losses -Somme River battle -French at Verdun II. Technology of Modern Warfare -Machine guns killed many -Artillery shelled people to bits -Poison gasses was a killer, but uncertain results -Britain introduced armored tank -Aircraft brought in -Submarines tremendous damage III. A Global Conflict a. Eastern Europe: -Russia pushed into eastern Germany -Poorly equipped Russia, masses of peasants thrown in
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Unformatted text preview: -Tanneburg b. Southern Europe:-Bulgaria helped central powers and crushed Serbia-Italy joined allies to gain land-Germany and Austria killed Italy at Caporetto-Britain and French helped Italy not be crushed c. The War Outside Europe:-Japan took German posts in China and tried to impose a protectorate on China-Ottoman Empire joined Central Powers, Dardanelles-Revolt by Ottoman people and Ottoman lost great territories d. War and the Colonies:-German colonies crushed-Canada, Australia, New Zealand sent aid to England-Some colonies happy to fight in hope of citizenship or independence, some were not Gabriel Greening B Period History Ms.Cory...
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Chapter 14 Section 3 - -Tanneburg b. Southern...

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