Chapter 15 Section 2

Chapter 15 Section 2 - -No more NEP “Collectivization”...

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Gabriel Greening B Period History Ms. Cory Chapter 15 Section 2 I. Building the Communist Soviet Union a. Government: -1922 constitution made, legislature made (Supreme Soviet) -Soviet Union established, in theory power to the people and equal rights -Communist party reigned supreme, not the people. Bad -Army used and secret police b. Lenin’s NEP: -New Economy Policy to allow some capitalist ventures -Peasants more power over where their crops went -Economy recovered and ended armed resistance to new gov. c. Stalin Gains Power: -Lenin died, Stalin and Trotsky fought for power -Had joined Bolshevik underground earlier -He was ambitious, to much so for Lenin’s liking -Stalin had Trotsky murdered -Stalin took power II. Stalin’s Fiver-Year Plans a. Mixed Industrial Results: -High production goals, punished ‘lazy’ workers -Industry expanded however -In general life still pretty poor b. Revolution in Agriculture: -Some agriculture controlled by government
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Unformatted text preview: -No more NEP, “Collectivization” c. A Ruthless Policy:-Peasants annoyed at the new Collectivization -Stalin wanted wealthy peasants gone, many killed-Food shortages, bad for Russia III. The Great Purge-Stalin had power, but feared assassination-He went crazy and cracked down on loads of “enemies”-Severe consequences for disloyalty-Many military leaders killed, bad for future Gabriel Greening B Period History Ms. Cory IV. Soviet Foreign Policy-Two very different goals in foreign policy-Lenin had formed the Communist International, which helped colonies and revolutionaries.-Soviet Union also wanted to join League of Nations-West suspicious of Soviet Union V. Three Revolutions Compared-American Revolution least radical-French and Russia many killed stupidly -All had world impact-American helped make constitution-French helped new revolts-Soviets became communist role model...
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Chapter 15 Section 2 - -No more NEP “Collectivization”...

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