Chapter 16 Section 2

Chapter 16 Section 2 - -Radical reforms and modernization...

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Gabriel Greening B Period History Ms. Cory Chapter 16 Section 2 I. Resistance to Colonial Rule a. Resistance: -Opposition to colonial rule grew in Africa -Educated people wanted their rights b. Protests: -People made public protests against the injustice -Women wanted their rights too; more protests c. Racial Segregation and Nationalism in South Africa: -Racism and segregation began to keep whites in power -Blacks mistreated -African Nationalism grew II. Rise of Nationalism a. Pan-African Congress: -DuBois founded a congress -Tried to get whites to give rights b. Negritude: -Leopold Senghor=poet -He rejected white views -Helped black pride c. Egyptian Independence: -Egypt had helped Britain in WWI -They now wanted independence -Egypt given independence; real power still with the Brits III. Modernization in Turkey and Iran a. Ataturk: -Led by Mustafa Kemal; Nationalists overthrew the sultan -Changed name to Ataturk
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Unformatted text preview: -Radical reforms and modernization in Turkey b. Westernization:-Old-Traditions gone and turkey westernized-People forced by Ataturk to wear western dress-Women given more rights-He ruled with an iron hand-More industry Gabriel Greening B Period History Ms. Cory c. Nationalism and Reform in Iran:-Turkey inspired Reza Kahn to westernize Iran-Iran built up with westernized stuff-Won better terms with other countries and got larger share of oil profits IV. European Mandates and Arab Nationalism a. Betrayal at the Peace Conference:-Arabs had helped allies in WWI-Didn’t get land promised to them-Revolts b. Promises in Palestine:-Theodor Herzl responded to anti-Semitism-Some migrated back to Palestine-Stage set for Arab-Jewish conflict c. A Bitter Struggle:-Anti-Semitism grew; especially in Germany-Jewish people struggle with it-Tension between Jews and Arabs-Attacks begun...
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Chapter 16 Section 2 - -Radical reforms and modernization...

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