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Chapter 16 Section 3

Chapter 16 Section 3 - a Breaking the Law-Led a huge march...

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Gabriel Greening B Period History Ms. Cory Chapter 16 Section 3 I. Moves Toward Independence -Indians wanted independence because they helped allies in WWI -British didn’t fulfill their promises -Pressing for full independence II. Mohandas Gandhi -New leader, Gandhi; middle class man -Successful man; went on to lead a nonviolent resistance a. Nonviolence: -Gandhi embraced old traditions -Wanted equal rights for people -Nonviolence main idea for the resistance b. Gandhi Sets an Example: -Gandhi dressed traditionally -Called for people to boycott English stuff -Worked to restore pride -Inspired people across India III. The Salt March
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Unformatted text preview: a. Breaking the Law:-Led a huge march with many people to the sea; and declared he was shaking the foundations of British rule-Gandhi was arrested and jailed, so were many others b. Toward Freedom:-Around world newspapers covered how Britain was being brutal to Indians-Britain gave some rights to Indians; not independence though IV. Looking Ahead a. A Separate Muslim State:-Muhammad Ali Jinnah threw his support at creating separate state for Muslims-Pakistan created b. World War II:-World War II broke out and India had to help-After World War II independence was finally gained...
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