Chapter 16 Section 4

Chapter 16 Section 4 - b Mao Zedong-Wanted power to the...

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Chapter 16 Section 4 I. Chinese Republic a. Internal Problems: - Sun Yixian stepped down as prez. -Yuan Shikai took over and became emperor with a new dynasty -Disorder followed b. Foreign Imperialism: -Influence over China increased -Japan put pressure on China -China too weak c. May Fourth Movement: -Student protests across China -People wanted to learn from west -Women played key role d. The Appeal of Marxism: -Russia had offered a good model of how awesome Marxism was -Communists appeared II. Leaders for a New China a. Jiang Jieshi: -Took over the Guomindang -Wanted to smash power of warlords and reunite China -Slaughtered communists; bitter civil war
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Unformatted text preview: b. Mao Zedong:-Wanted power to the peasant masses-Escaped Jiang’s massacring c. The Long March:-Jiang held an extermination campaign against communists-Mao and his followers ran away a long way from Jiang-Strict discipline -Set up new camp in Northern China III. Japanese Invasion-Japan invaded; Jiang had to unite with communists so they could fight off Japan-Japanese killed massacred many people brutally -Japanese forces to advanced and trained for China IV. Looking Ahead-Bombing of Pearl Harbor brought U.S into the war-After Japan was defeated, China and Japan brought together-Communists eventually triumphed over Jiang...
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